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Release notes for Knowledge Discovery Metamodel SDK 2.0

Knowledge Discovery Metamodel (KDM) is an emerging standard from the Object Management Group. Knowledge Discovery Metamodel defines a common intermediate representation for existing software systems and their operating environments for the purposes of software analysis, software assessment and software modernization. KDM Analytics offers an free Eclipse plugin for Knowledge Discovery Metamodel as an adoption toolkit.

Learn more about the Knowledge Discovery Metamodel.

What’s new in the Knowledge Discovery Metamodel SDK 2.0 ?

  • Knowledge Discovery Metamodel SDK is an Eclipse plugin. See Help-> About Eclipse SDK
  • License information is available Help->About Eclipse SDK -> KDM SDK feature->License
  • KDM SDK support the OMG Knowledge Discovery Metamodel specification version 1.0
  • Knowledge Discovery Metamodel Developer Guide is available. See Help->Help Contents->KDM Developer Guide
  • Knowledge Discovery Metamodel Examples are available as an Eclipse project. See File->New->Example->KDM Examples Project
  • Guide to examples is available in the Knowledge Discovery Metamodel Developer Guide in the Help. See also examples guide at this site
  • To create a new KDM model using the Graphical Wizard do the following:
    1. create a project: File->New->Project->General->Project
    2. inside the project create KDM file: New->Other->KDM (Knowledge Discovery Metamodel)->KDM model
    3. To save KDM model in XMI 2.1 format do the following:
      • Save the model using Eclipse “Save” (this saves in the EMF XMI format with relative references)
      • In the Eclipse package Explorer right-click on the saved model, select KDM->Convert to XMI 2

Known Issues:

  • KDM examples are saved in XMI 2.1 rather than in EMF format. EMF will save changes to examples in its native format which will lead to a mix of the two formats. KDM Examples in EMF format will be available separately
  • Export feature mentions “Convert to XMI 2”. This should read “Convert to XMI 2.1”
  • There are several incorrect links in the KDM Reference. Use the full index.


Contact us, if you notice any issues with the Knowledge Discovery Metamodel Eclipse plugin.

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