Meet Our Executives

The KDM Analytics Team of executives is among the most active and respected cyber security consultant experts in the industry. Learn more about them below.

Djenana Campara, President & Chief Executive Officer

Djenana Campara has 30 years of progressive experience and leadership in Software and Security Engineering. A co-founder of KDM Analytics, she is responsible for the company’s business direction and represents KDM Analytics in leading industry standards groups.

Ms. Campara currently serves as a board member on the Object Management Group (OMG), an international standard body, currently co-chairs the OMG System Assurance Task Force, and previously co-chaired Architecture-Driven Modernization Task Force. Previously, she served on the SAS Technical Advisory Panel of the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) and as a Board Member of the Canadian Consortium of Software Engineering Research (CSER), an industry directed research program that creates a collaborative environment for industry, researchers, and students to stay competitive in the broader IT marketplaceMs. Campara has presented to the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology, as well as the Committee on Improving Cybersecurity Research in the United Sates at the National Academies in Washington, D.C, Telecom Board of National Academy of Science and DHS/DoD Software Assurance Forums. She has been engaged to give several gave educational speeches including:

  • SD Time Software Security Summits
  • Better Software Conference and Expo
  • IEEE International Conference on Technologies for Homeland Security

Previously, Ms. Campara was CTO and chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Klocwork, a company that she founded in 2001 through a successful spin-out from Nortel Networks as an independent company. She also served as Klocwork’s chief executive officer, securing the company’s first round of funding, and established its customer base. She has been awarded four US patents for her groundbreaking static analysis and formalization techniques that were implemented in Klocwork’s products.

Norm Rajala, Chair, Board of Directors

Norm Rajala has extensive product development and client services leadership experience in the high technology industry, including managing five of Nortel Network’s major product releases, which involved leading development teams of over 100 employees in Canada, Northern Ireland, and India. As Vice President of Client Services at Klocwork, he directed senior teams in customer care and professional services, providing specialized software integration and architecture services, training and consultation. Norm championed and led the Klocwork inSight concept and provided immediate value to the product line and software development teams.

Since 2006, in his current role as part of the executive team of KDM Analytics, Norm contributes his business and technical knowledge towards refining and achieving the strategic plan, while providing leadership in operations, services and development.

Norm holds a Bachelor of Applied Science – Honors degree from the University of Waterloo. He has received numerous awards for innovation, software quality, and customer relations. Norm has been awarded three US patents for software reverse engineering and static analysis.

Dr. Nikolai Mansourov, Chief Technical Officer, CISSP

Dr. Mansourov, KDM Analytics’ co-founder and Chief Technical Officer, is a cyber security consultant and innovator recognized worldwide for his work in the areas of automatic code generation and using formal specifications in both forward and reverse engineering. Prior to joining KDM Analytics, Dr. Mansourov was the Chief Scientist and Chief Architect at Klocwork Inc, where he significantly helped build the company’s credibility. Dr. Mansourov also was a department head at the Institute for System Programming, Russian Academy of Sciences, where he was responsible for numerous groundbreaking research projects in advanced software development for industry leaders including Nortel Networks and Telelogic.

Dr. Mansourov has 10 years experience teaching Computer Science during his tenure as an Associate Professor at the Moscow State University. Currently he is an Adjunct Professor at the School of Information Technology and Engineering (SITE) of the University of Ottawa.

Dr. Mansourov has published over 50 research papers and is a frequent speaker as well as a member of program committees at various international research forums. He is a founding member of the World-Wide Institute of Software Architects (WWISA). His impact on the industry continues through his participation on several standards bodies, including the ITU-T and Object Management Group, and he is one of the first OMG-certified UML Advanced Professionals and a member of the UML2 standardization team. Dr. Mansourov is the Editor of the OMG Knowledge Discovery Metamodel (KDM) specification and the Chair of the OMG Revision Task Force for KDM.

Jim deVette, VP Operations

Jim deVette has more than 35 years of experience and leadership in the telecommunications product development and software engineering industries.

Prior to joining KDM, Jim was Manager of Customer Service at Klocwork, where he built and managed a team of local and remote customer service specialists worldwide. He began his career at Nortel Networks, where he advanced quickly from software designer and team leader into software management positions.

Jim earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Physics from Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. He has been awarded a US patent related to network auto-discovery.

Nora deVette, CFO

Nora deVette, B.Comm., has spent more than 25 years performing accounting functions for many organizations, including a public accounting firm, several charities, manufacturing firms, property management and high-tech companies. She was the Controller involved with the successful public offering of Corel Systems Corporation.

Nora’s focus is to enhance operations and increase the profitability of small- to medium-sized corporations. She received a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree from Queen’s University in Kingston, ON.