CyberSecurity Assessment

Know exactly where your cyber security risk is at

Our experts literally wrote the book on cyber security risk. A third-party assessment conducted by us will help guide your decisions about risk, vulnerabilities, allocation of resources, budgeting, scheduling and product management. We can conduct a detailed cyber security risk analysis of your system – however complex – and provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed, cost effective and practical decisions on how to allocate resources and budgets.

We leverage our in-house products and subject matter expertise to find the answers to these questions, and many more:

  • How secure is my system?
  • Are there vulnerabilities enabling cyber attackers?
  • Is there any risk in the architecture?
  • How can I quantify how good my architecture is?
  • What are my operational risks?
  • What third-party software – commercial and open source – is embedded in my system?

If you require a professional assessment of your cyber security risks and vulnerabilities, contact us.