CyberSecurity Products

Quantify, target, and mitigate cyber risk

We deliver a unique suite of cyber security solutions that bring together vulnerability analysis, threat assessment, and risk management for faster, more targeted cyber risk mitigation and protection planning.

When combined as a suite, our cyber security products provide comprehensive cyber risk management and vulnerability assessment including:

  • Automated threat assessment and risk analysis
  • Automated vulnerability detection and analysis, plus
  • Vulnerability to risk traceability
  • Measurement and prioritization that make it easy to plan how to best leverage the risk management budget and resources for greatest impact.


High levels of automation take out the guesswork and adhoc nature of typical approaches to cyber security analysis, and help eliminate failures in human interpretation of security risk.


In order for cyber security to be effective and economical, it must be repeatable. Our suite of products provides public agencies and enterprises with the ability to implement and benefit from a high level of repeatability in cyber security assessments.


Decision makers need empirical, evidence-based data to make informed decisions on budgetary and human resource allocations related to cybersecurity. KDM Analytics cyber security software tools and products deliver fact-based results that allow stakeholders to make decisions with confidence.

Our products include:


Blade TOIF

A powerful software vulnerability detection platform that provides a standards-based environment and integrates the outputs of multiple vulnerability analysis tools in a single uniform view of vulnerability information, with unified reporting.

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