CyberSecurity Products

Systematic, comprehensive, and repeatable cyber risk assessment

KDM Analytics Blade Suite automates digital risk assessment for industrial-scale operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) systems. Designed in collaboration with the U.S. Air Force, our solution makes risk assessment systematic, comprehensive, and repeatable.

Comprehensive Top-Down, Bottom-Up Risk Assessment

The Blade Suite of products provides comprehensive, automated top-down and bottom-up risk assessment that is repeatable across missions and products. This includes:

  • Automated risk assessment
  • Automated vulnerability detection and analysis
  • Traceability – from threat source, through direct or multi-staged attack paths, to vulnerability
  • Measurement and prioritization that make it easy to plan how to best leverage the risk management budget and resources for greatest impact.

KDM Blade Suite includes:

Blade RiskManager

A fully automated risk assessment and measurement platform to identify, prioritize and focus risk mitigation efforts.

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Blade OneReport

A composite vulnerability analysis platform that normalizes, integrates, and collates the findings from several vulnerability analysis tools into an actionable report.

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