About Us

KDM Analytics products help organizations save time, save money, and focus their risk-assessment resources.

KDM Analytics software products automate the NIST risk management framework (RMF) assessment for operational technology (OT) systems. We provide the only cyber-risk management solution to automate both top-down and bottom-up analysis.

Using our products, organizations achieve rapid, repeatable, and evidence-based cybersecurity risk assessment.

Founded and led by recognized cyber defense leaders, KDM Analytics is trusted by public and private organizations who are leaders in mission-critical cyber systems.

What We Do

We automate the NIST RMF assessment for operational technology (OT) systems. Our products quantify a system’s exposure to cyber-attacks and help prioritize risk management activities.

How We Do It Uniquely

We offer the only automated cyber security risk management solution to deploy both top-down risk analysis and bottom-up vulnerability analysis. Our products deliver a prioritized list of actions to focus risk management budget and resources based on evidence. 

Who We Do It For

Our customers are security risk managers, CIOs, and CTOs who are responsible for the security of mission-critical cyber systems for defense, automotive, avionics, and others.

What’s In It For You

We provide a clear picture of:

  • Vulnerabilities to fix
  • Attacks to defend against
  • Threats to eliminate
  • The riskiest components to inspect and protect

This makes it easy to plan how to best leverage a risk management budget and resources for greatest impact.

If you have critical cyber security needs, contact us.