CyberSecurity Training

Cybersecurity training by the experts who wrote the book on cyber security risk

Perhaps you’re implementing a new cyber security risk solution, modifying or upgrading existing approaches, or looking for new policies. Your staff is fully capable of deploying the new tools and would gain confidence that their systems are trustworthy with the support of additional experience in their corner. Our cyber security risk training services may be the answer.

Many public agencies and corporations engage with KDM Analytics to help mentor and guide them through new cyber security risk analysis policy and system implementations, wholesale change-outs, and modernization/upgrade programs. With several decades of experience in cutting-edge cyber security risk analysis design, implementation and policy development, we can assist in-house teams through training and ongoing mentoring.

Already Using KDM Analytics Products?

Our automated risk assessment products have almost unlimited flexibility in how they can gauge risks and vulnerabilities and report information. Stakeholders use this information to make critical decisions about how to allocate resources, whether to proceed with a product launch, and to get a clear picture of the ramifications of decisions. Our training services help organizations optimize their risk assessment to benefit the organization to the fullest and allow key personnel to make informed decisions.

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