Blade RiskManager

Automate the NIST RMF assessment

KDM Analytics Blade RiskManager (BRM) is a fully automated risk analysis and risk measurement product that provides a top-down operational view of risk. To do so, BRM uses artificial intelligence techniques and leverages a cybersecurity knowledge base of more than ten years.

It substantially reduces the time and cost of NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF) assessment and shows precisely where to focus risk-assessment resources.

Reliable, Repeatable Risk Assessment Reporting

BRM is a one-stop source to store, manage, and trace all evidence regarding operational and system risk. Organizations benefit from a proven, repeatable risk assessment solution for use across a wide variety of systems, assets, and components.

Prioritize Resource Management

BRM provides a top-down operational view of risk. This enables organizations to identify, prioritize, and focus security assessment and risk mitigation to the most critical and risky components of a system.