Blade RiskManager




Digital risk analytics at industrial-scale

KDM Analytics Blade RiskManager (BRM) is a fully automated risk assessment and risk measurement platform to identify, prioritize, and focus risk mitigation efforts. Designed in collaboration with the U.S. Air Force, BRM substantially reduces the time and cost of cyber risk assessment.

BRM uses artificial intelligence techniques and leverages a vast cybersecurity knowledge base to show precisely where to focus risk assessment resources.

Reliable, Repeatable Risk Assessment Reporting

BRM provides a one-stop source to store, manage, and trace all evidence regarding operational and system risk. Organizations benefit from a proven, repeatable risk assessment solution for use across a wide variety of systems, assets, and components.


BRM is standards-based and can be integrated with other MBSE tools to create an efficient digital engineering environment with integrated cybersecurity capabilities.

Prioritize Resource Management

BRM provides a top-down operational view of risk. This enables organizations to identify, prioritize, and focus security assessment and risk mitigation to the most critical and risky components of a system.