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KDM Metamodel XML Examples

The links below offer some examples of the KDM XMI from the Knowledge Discovery Metamodel specification.

Each link goes to a KDM XMI file, displayed as a plain text. Most files contain an example in some programming language written for some platform. Other examples illustrate various KDM constructs.

KDM Framework Example Framework.kdm.xml
KDM Extensions Example Extension.kdm.xml
KDM Inventory Model Example Inventory.kdm.xml
HelloWorld Example (C) HelloWorld.kdm.xml
Record Example (Cobol) Record.kdm.xml
LinkedList Example (C) LinkedList.kdm.xml
Template Example (Java) Template.kdm.xml
Interface Example (Java) Interface.kdm.xml
Initialization Example (C++) Initialization.kdm.xml
MacroDefinition Example (C preprocessor) MacroDefinition.kdm.xml
Include Example (C preprocessor) Include.kdm.xml
Variants Example (C preprocessor) Variants.kdm.xml
Macro Directives Example (C preprocessor) Directives.kdm.xml
Comments and Visibility Example (C) Comments.kdm.xml
Call Via Pointer Example (C) Dispatch.kdm.xml
Exceptions Example (C++) Exceptions.kdm.xml
EnumeratedType Example (C) Enumerated.kdm.xml
MicroKDM Example (C) MicroKDM.kdm.xml
Relational Schema Example (T-SQL) Relational.kdm.xml
Hierarchical Schema Example (IMS) Hierarchical.kdm.xml
Data Example (SQL, Java, JDBC) Data.kdm.xml
Simple XML Types Example (XML) XMLSimple.kdm.xml
Complex XML Types Example (XML) XMLComplex.kdm.xml
KDM Structure Model Example Structure.kdm.xml
KDM Conceptual Model Example Conceptual.kdm.xml
KDM Build Model Example Build.kdm.xml