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Installation Instructions

Knowledge Discovery Metamodel is an emerging standard from the Object Mananagement Group. KDM Analytics offers a free Eclipse EMF plugin for Knowledge Discovery Metamodel. This page describes the installation procedure for the Knowledge Discovery Metamodel Eclipse plugin. Learn more about Knowledge Discovery Metamodel Eclipse plugin.

  1. Select directory for KDM SDK installation. We will refer to it as kdmsdk_directory
  2. Download zip file
  3. Download and install Eclipse 3.2 (not included in
  4. Download and install EMF 2.2 (not included in
    • Select the site and download
    • Unzip the file into kdmsdk_directory
    • To validate that EMF has been correctly installed:
          • Go to subdirectory eclipse of kdmsdk_directory
          • run eclipse.exe
          • Go to Help->About Eclipse SDK->Plug-in Details

      Validate that you see the following EMF plugins version in the list (see below).

  5. unzip to the eclipse subdirectory of the kdmsdk_directory
    • ( contains subdirectories plugins and features)
  6. Go to eclipse subdirectory of kdmsdk_directory
  7. run eclipse.exe
  8. To check correctness of the installation see Help->About Eclipse SDK->Features. Validate that there is a KDM SDK Feature from KDM Analytics, Inc. (see below).
    KDM SDK feature KDM SDK feature details KDM SDK plugin details

Learn more about the features of the Knowledge Disocvery Metamodel Eclipse plugin