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Semantics of Business Vocabulary & Business Rules (SBVR) is a publicly available specification from the Object Management Group (OMG) intended to be the basis for a formal and detailed natural language declarative description of a complex entity, such as a business. SBVR is intended to formalize complex compliance rules, such as operational rules for an enterprise, security policy, standard compliance, or regulatory compliance rules. Such formal vocabularies and rules can be interpreted and used by computer systems.

SBVR allows the production of business vocabularies and rules; vocabulary plus rules constitute a shared domain model with the same expressive power of standard ontological languages. SBVRSemantics of Bus Vocabulary & Bus Rules (SBVR) - KDM Analytics enables making business rules accessible to software tools, including tools that support the business experts in creating, finding, validating, and managing business rules, and tools that support the information technology experts in converting business rules into implementation rules for automated systems

SBVR and the Knowledge Discovery Metamodel (KDM) are designed as two parts of a unique OMG Technology Stack for software analytics related to existing software systems. KDM defines an ontology related to software artifacts and thus provides an initial formalization of the information related to a software system. SBVR can be further used to formalize complex compliance rules related to the software.

KDM is a common intermediate representation for existing software systems and their operating environments, that defines common metadata required for deep semantic integration of ”software analytics tools” throughout the whole Application Lifecycle. KDM is designed as the OMG’s foundation for software modernization, IT portfolio management and software assurance.

KDM defines a common vocabulary of knowledge related to software artifacts, regardless of the implementation programming language and runtime platform – a checklist of items that a software mining tool should discover and a software analysis tool can use.