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OMG Knowledge Discovery Metamodel Training

KDM Analytics offers consulting and training for adoption of open standards from the Object Management Group and ISO in the field of Software Modernization, Application LIfecycle Management and application lifecycle management tools integration, and Software Assurance, including automated vulnerability testing. We are providing leadership in this area through participation in the standards organizations, such as the Architecture Driven Modernization Task Force of the Object Management Group.

Knowledge Discovery Metamodel (KDM) is the emerging standard from the Object Management Group (OMG) for Software Business Modernization, Inventory, Asset Management, and Software Assurance. KDM is designed as the OMG’s foundation for representing knowledge about existing enterprise software systems. KDM promotes interoperability through common terminology and interchange format. It encompasses all software languages, build and execution environments and directly supports the common interchange systems between applications in the business environment. KDM describes the software entities, relationships, build environments, GUIs, business rules, etc. to provide a comprehensive, language and environment independent representation of an enterprise software system.

KDM Analytics will be providing On Line computer based version of training in the near future to augment the instructor led course. This provides an opportunity for self paced learning, and reduces the administrative overhead of the classroom facilities.

We are offering a selection of 1 hour Webinars that provide a more flexible alternative to ILT0201. Webinars are delivered through Internet teleconferencing service directly to the students in your organization. Select the topics that are of interest for your organization and contact us to order one or more Webinars from the following list. More titles will be available soon.

  • WRT0201 Brief Introduction into the OMG Knowledge Discovery Metamodel
  • WRT0202 KDM software development kit
  • WRT0203 How to develop tools for the KDM Ecosystem
  • WRT0204 Introduction into the KDM Program Elements Layer
  • WRT0205 Introduction into the KDM Infrastructure Layer
  • WRT0206 Introduction into the KDM Resource Layer
  • WRT0207 Introduction into the KDM Abstractions Layer
  • WRT0208 KDM applications