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Automate to Rapidly Prioritize and Quantify Cyber Risk

Software Development Organization Reduces Costs by 80% with KDM Analytics Products

A global developer of mission-critical software is revamping its Software Engineering processes with KDM Analytics’ products. KDM Analytics’ Blade TOIF and its unified priority reporting has reduced this organization’s overall costs of performing a vulnerability assessment by 80%.

Our client implemented Blade TOIF to empower its development and verification teams with automated TRA (Threat Risk Assessment) that quantifies and helps prioritize a system’s exposure to cyber-attacks. This enables them to:

  • Provide each developer or team with automated, prioritized, task‐specific security reports
  • Execute automated analysis on the complete mission build
  • Create reports that validate why a defect is—or is not—a vulnerability

In addition to these benefits, our client reduced the overall cost of vulnerability assessment from $500,000 to $100,000 through integration. Specifically, once a commercial toolset is integrated into Blade TOIF, unified prioritized reporting for all tools used in the analysis becomes available to all developers.

For more information, read the business case, or contact us today.