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Automate, Prioritize, and Quantify CyberSecurity Risk

Key Customers Endorse Cybersecurity Assessment Software from KDM Analytics

Washington, D.C. After several years providing consulting services to customers, KDM Analytics has used that experience to develop software products for use in cybersecurity assessment. The software has already found traction with key customers in North America.

KDM Analytics CEO, Djenana Campara said that clients had been asking about specific software products designed for cybersecurity assessment based on approaches used by KDM in their consulting assignments.

“Organizations want cybersecurity assessment solutions that are automatic, repeatable and fit into the new Risk Management Framework (RMF, the mandatory standard for federal agencies). They want software that will focus their efforts and budgets exactly where they’re needed most and that’s what we have delivered,” she said.

Among customers using KDM Analytics is the United States Air Force (USAF). “The USAF benefits from KDM Analytics automated risk management tools by cost-effectively assessing cyber threat, vulnerability and risk for our Aircraft Systems.”, said Harrell Van Norman, Cybersecurity Tech Expert/SCA for Aircraft Systems, United States Air Force.

Mr. Van Norman added: “The Blade RiskManager applies Model-Based Systems Engineering to automate Model-Based Risk Management for assessing mission and system cyber risk based on threat modeling and vulnerability analysis. It reduces assessment time, optimizes RMF execution, and assures all viable threat vectors have been evaluated and quantified for cyber risk.”

In a presentation at IEEE Metrocon, Oct 26, 2016 in Arlington TX, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics researcher Dr. Ben Calloni demonstrated Blade TOIF and noted “Blade TOIF server and client are the most optimized solution for performing Static Code Analysis to assist during software development.”

Furthermore, Dr. Calloni noted “TOIF framework can reduce licensing fees (Aero Company)” and “can add / tune additional SCA tools or rule sets to TOIF to cover CWE’s relevant to Avionics, ground systems, etc. – Provide Confidentiality of Aero Interest to Specific Vulnerabilities!”

About KDM Analytics

KDM Analytics was founded in 2006 with focus on cyber risk assessment. Its solution consisting of Blade RiskManager and Blade TOIF helps to answer the most important question of cyber risk management: where should you focus your budget and resources?

Founded and led by recognized cyber defense leaders, KDM Analytics is trusted by public and private organizations, to supply them with solutions for mission-critical systems.

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