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Automate to Rapidly Prioritize and Quantify Cyber Risk

KDM Analytics Launches Blade Validate Tool, Support for Non-DoDAF Architecture Analysis

KDM Analytics has released Blade Validate, a tool that enhances the usability of Blade Risk Manager (BRM). With the click of a button, Blade Validate automatically verifies the readiness of a system architecture document for analysis in Blade Risk Manager.

The tool enables BRM users to submit their system architectures in the form of a standard Microsoft® Word document. This means that BRM can now accept non-DoDAF architectures, as well.

Blade Validate quickly reviews the system architecture document and clearly identifies any elements of the document that must be updated before it can be analyzed by BRM. Issues flagged may include, for example, the lack of specific tables and naming conventions.

Norm Rajala, President at COO at KDM Analytics, said: “Blade Validate is the latest feature of our powerful BRM product. We continue to find ways to make the complex matter of cyber security analysis automatic, repeatable, and simple for companies to undertake.”