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Automate to Rapidly Prioritize and Quantify Cyber Risk

KDM Analytics Introduces Blade OneReport

KDM Analytics has released Blade OneReport, a standards-based environment that integrates the outputs of multiple vulnerability tools in a single uniform report.

Blade OneReport is a composite vulnerability analysis and detection platform leverages Object management Group (OMG) Software Assurance Ecosystem standards, Software Fault Patterns (SFP), and Common Weakness Enumerations (CWE).

The new product complements KDM Analytic’s Blade RiskManager, a landmark product that automates the NIST risk management framework (RMF). Together, Blade RiskManager and Blade OneReport provide comprehensive, automated top-down and bottom-up risk assessment that is repeatable across missions and products.

About KDM Analytics

KDM Analytics products help organizations save time, save money, and focus their risk-assessment resources. They automate the NIST risk management framework (RMF) assessment for operational technology (OT) systems. KDM Analytics provides the only automated cyber-risk management solution to automate top-down and bottom-up analysis.

Using KDM Analytics products, organizations achieve rapid, repeatable, and evidence-based cybersecurity risk assessment.

Founded and led by recognized cyber defense leaders, the company is trusted by public and private organizations who are leaders in mission-critical cyber systems turn to us for cyber-security solutions.


KDM Analytics

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