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Automate to Rapidly Prioritize and Quantify Cyber Risk

Cybersecurity and the rise of IT-enabled OT systems: KDM Analytics co-authors paper

KDM Analytics’ CEO, Djenana Campara, co-authored the paper, “Cybersecurity and the rise of IT-enabled OT systems”, in Control Engineering magazine. The topic is of utmost relevance as as Industrial Internet of Things deployments increase, and as sensors and machines connected to the internet grow exponentially.

In the article, Campara and co-authors Steven Seiden, Leighton Johnson, and Dr. Tony Barber examine information technology strategies that can help combat new cybersecurity vulnerabilities. They also describe how to deploy a cybersecurity program for operational technology in industrial control systems, remote terminal units, supervisory control, and data acquisition systems.

Readers will:

  • Understand the summer 2020 cybersecurity advisory, risks, and infrastructure
  • See cybersecurity risks and rewards of integrated IT and OT 
  • Review risk management modeling, automation, tools

The full paper can be read online at Control Engineering.