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Automate to Rapidly Prioritize and Quantify Cyber Risk

Active Cyber™ Spotlights KDM Analytics in Interview and Article

KDM Analytics is featured by Active Cyber™ in an interview, podcast conversation, and new article. Editor, Chris Daly, said:

“One example of a standards-based software assurance ecosystem effort can be found at the Open Management Group in the form of the System Assurance Platform Level Task Force. Headed by Djenana Campara of KDM Analytics, the Task Force aims to establish a common framework for analysis and exchange of information related to system assurance and trustworthiness. … I was intrigued by how she combined risk analytics and model-based systems engineering to provide enterprise level risk assessments and thought the subject was worth exploring, especially given how risk management approaches are really moving to the forefront of needs given the software supply chain problems that seem to be coming up on a regular basis.”

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