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Automate to Rapidly Prioritize and Quantify Cyber Risk

Award-winning digital risk analytics

at industrial scale

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Mitigate risk with confidence

Leverage a product suite proven in the defence industry since 2016

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Save 80% on risk assessment

Slash the hours and cost of cyber risk assessment

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Digital risk assessment at industrial-scale for OT & IT systems

Deliver systematic, comprehensive & repeatable risk assessments

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Automated risk assessment

Save time, save money, and focus resources with repeatable, reportable, evidence-based cyber-risk assessment. Leading organizations in the aerospace & defence industries turn to the KDM Analytics risk assessment platform for:

  • Digital risk assessment at industrial-scale for OT & IT systems
  • The only automated comprehensive risk and vulnerability analysis solution
  • A critical enhancement to their digital engineering frameworks
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The KDM Blade Suite is designed in collaboration with the U.S. Air Force and proven in the defence industry since 2016.

Literally at the push of a button, Blade RiskManager gave us a solid risk queue and associated vulnerabilities. The solution decreased our cost of service and person-hours at initial use by 80%, allowing us to deliver greater client value with minimal effort.

– Dr. Tony Barber, Risk Assessment Lead, Acquired Data Solutions

KDM’s Blade RiskManager reduces assessment time, optimizes RMF execution, and assures all viable threat vectors have been evaluated and quantified for cyber risk.

– Cyber Survivability Expert, Aerospace

Clients and Partners

  • USAF
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Lockheed Martin
  • RSA
  • NSA
  • DHS
  • DOD
  • AFRL
  • NDC
  • Dell EMC
  • NLST
  • Boeing
  • Symantec
  • Raytheon

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