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Prioritize, Measure and Quantify CyberSecurity Risk

Open Source TOIF

Leveraging the power of open source software models

We leverage the public standard Knowledge Discovery Metamodel (KDM), developed by Object Management Group (OMG) for tools and technology interoperability. This standard is a language-independent, intermediate representation for existing software systems and their operating environments, which defines common metadata required for deep semantic integration of Application Lifecycle Management tools.

Our open source TOIF (Tool Output Integration Framework) is a plug and play environment for composite vulnerability analysis.

Leveraging the KDM standard, we can deliver high-fidelity analysis and evaluation capabilities to provide system assurance to organizations. We are committed to providing support to the growing KDM ecosystem – a community of tool and component providers and service providers whose products interoperate because they share a common ontology defined by the Knowledge Discovery Metamodel.

Download Blade TOIF Open Source Software

This page contains the open-source license agreement, download links, and documentation for Blade TOIF Open Source Software

Blade TOIF Features & Options

TOIF Open Source Software Blade TOIF Server Blade TOIF Desktop
Targeted to load build type of environment
SCA tools are run outside of TOIF environment and results are imported and merged inside TOIF
SCA tools run as command lines; results must be manually imported to Findings Viewer
Configurable prioritized reports
Export to .tsv format to view data in spreadsheet or import into Blade TOIF Desktop
Default confidence per tool per SFP/CWE
Targeted to integrated development environment (Eclipse) developers at the desktop
SCA tools are run within the integrated development environment (Eclipse); results are automatically passed to Report Viewer
SCA tools take compile environment (includes, defines, etc.) from integrated development environment (Eclipse) project file/settings
Installation wizard and preferences of SCA tools options
Thread pooling of some SCA tools